Steve Kaufman
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Steve Kaufman's Special Thanks

To my mother, who raised me without a father.

To God, for making me the luckiest person for just being me, and giving me more than 9 lives to live.

To Tina Sinatra and Bob Finkelstein, for helping me to support my charity, which gives kids a new beginning in life.

To Muhammad Ali, for showing me how one man can move mountains, and change the world one person at a time.

To John Travolta, Al Pacino, Stan Lee (Marvel Comics) Oscar de la Hoya, Tom Arnold, Alice Cooper, Mickey Mantle, and Gene Simmons for being regular guys.

To the Picasso Academy of Fine Arts, for honoring me as the only American artists to be awarded the “ Picasso.”
The Ring has been gifted annually to artists they feel have the spirit of Picasso.

To the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, for choosing me as the first American Artist to paint a Van Gogh portrait. The Museum used the image as a poster to promote the Museum for a younger audience.

To Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, for commissioning me to create the “September 11th Memorial” and “Caesar’s 35 Year History” which are Museum Art pieces.