Steve Kaufman
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Museum Art

Museum Art is a style, and subject matter not created or seen before, involving the combined experience of painting, 3D, and subject memorabilia that entertains and makes the viewer participate. Steve Kaufman always pushed the art world, and asked, "Why not?" Van Gogh brush strokes were the Museum Art of his time. Picasso's blue period, bullfights, cubic, and 18 other styles he developed during his career, were all Museum Art of his time.

When an artist paints only one image on canvas, the painting is called an original, but Steve Kaufman felt that as a true artist, one must always change images and styles.  Steve created his Comic Book Pop Art using comic book super heroes -- Superman, Spiderman, to name a few -- as his icon images.  Steve Kaufman created the art term "embellished” by hand painting each of his limited editions. In his embellished editions, there are no two paintings 100% alike.  With Museum Art, there will never be an edition created, but simply one painting at a time, with one image.  When the art is sold, it is gone from the public view and becomes the property of the private collector. Steve Kaufman's Museum Art took 4-6 months to create one painting, which makes these pieces very rare.