Steve Kaufman
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"Sinatra said it costs nothing to be nice, but it costs everything not to be. I’ve helped 180 charities; I have an 85% success rate with kids I’ve hired. Helping them to straighten out their lives, I started a charity called 'Give Kids a Break.'  I bought a building on LA, which was a gang hangout. We made the kids that were there in the warehouse clean out the building; we then gave the kids $50 each as they left at the end of the day.  They all came back looking for a job the next day.  We also encourage these kids to go back to school.  Some of these kids (my Kids) are now police officers, doctors, artists and parents.  I get to be called Grandpa.  I jokingly tell people I have 1,975 kids of my own and 600 grandkids, and I never change a diaper."
- Steve Kaufman

"Steve is the most exciting artists of our time, both in person and it is reflected in his art work. Some people try to be crazy. Steve is the real thing! He is an original! His work is displayed at our college, which conferred upon him an Honorary Doctorate, for his great philanthropic work with charities. Subsequently, the college named its library after him. His work is prominently displayed throughout the college and always draws comments from Pop Art lovers as well as those exposed to him for the first time. In a word, BRILLIANT.” 

- Lisa Pamin, NY College