Steve Kaufman
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Steve Kaufman created portraits for many people.
Below is an image of Steve painting a portrait for Sister Ann of Holland.

Rembrandt, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol -- all these great artists did commissioned portraits.  Steve Kaufman went on to work with Frank Sinatra, Mickey Mantle, Muhammad Ali, Celina Dion, Oscar De La Hoya, Caesars Palace, City of Las Vegas, NYC's Madison Square Garden, and former president Bill Clinton.

In, 2006, after a 10-year hiatus to focus on his art technique, Steve Kaufman returned to create two special commission portraits with all proceeds to benefit “Give Kids A Break.”  The opportunity offered 4 Pop art canvases 40x40 each, a meeting with Steve Kaufman, a tour of his LA Art Studio, a tour of his private Museum art collection in his home, and dinner for four with Steve Kaufman at his home. Opening bids began at $20,000.  You will find portraits of the winning bidders in this section.

Today, portraits created by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol are exhibited in Museums and are worth thousands of times more than their original asking price.  For example, a portrait of 4 pop art canvases created by Andy Warhol was $100,000.  Years later, some of these portraits were displayed at the Museum in Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, and priced at more than $3 million dollars for one pop art canvas.  Liz Taylor's portrait sold for $12 million dollars at auction, and the portrait of Dora Maar --  an original created by Pablo Picasso -- is priceless as it hangs in major museums.

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